HERO BAG First Responders Donation

Why First Aid With Oxygen

Our mission is to provide every First Responders personal vehicle with these custom first aid kits with Emergency Oxygen Tanks.

As time has gone on since Rory’s death we have gone to conferences and spoke to many people in the medical field about drowning.  When someone drowns it isn’t enough for them to have CPR because even if you get the heart started the brain has been without oxygen.  So the #1 thing drowning victims need is Oxygen and AS MUCH AS THEY CAN GET AS SOON AS THEY CAN GET IT.

In rural areas a 911 call is responded to by many first responders.  Sometimes that is a volunteer fireman in his or her personal vehicle because they are in the area or by a police officer in their patrol car.  Many times they do not have a first aid kit of their own and as for drownings oxygen is not given until the Ambulance arrives.  Brain damage starts around 3 minutes, the quickest ambulance in a city/town setting takes around 6 minutes.  We are hoping that providing these kits with emergency oxygen may save a drowning victims life.  Save a child’s life and save a family from going through the loss of their precious child like we have to every day.

Many of our fire departments can barely afford the basic equipment for their volunteers and definitely cannot afford giving them this extensive of a kit for their personal vehicles.  That is where Rory the Warrior comes in.

Choose which first responder you would like to make a donation, and 100% of your donation will go towards providing him/her this life saving kit.