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Jessica Ferguson

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Jessica Ferguson, I’m 31 and grew up a firefighters daughter although he wasn’t my biological father he was my father. I watched him day and night leave on calls, I watched him break down, come home with blood stained hands, even black from fires. The passion he held for saving someone in their time of need pushed me to become a firefighter and first responder, honestly sometimes I ask myself why I do it after a bad call but the truth is, I love helping my community more than life itself because no matter what happens I was needed when they had no one else to call for help. I’ve been a volunteer for two solid years now with Groesbeck VFD and one call broke my heart, it still haunts me because it didn’t go how it should’ve, but God had plans for that little man. Being a first responder to me means nothing about the photos, the title, the public respecting me, none of that matter it’s about getting out there and helping, holding onto a passion for what I volunteer to do, it’s about the training to be a better first responder and firefighter. Teaches my daughter that she can do whatever she wants in life as long as she works hard to achieve her goals.

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