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Serve out doors and its HUGE group of volunteers do an amazing thing for people (such as yours) who have served this country and their families.  If you served this country in anyway or if you are a disabled veteran and have the love for the outdoors this group will help you complete your bucket list.  Weather it’s your dying wish to get on a boat and do some fishing and yet your wheelchair bound, this group will make it happen.  If you’re paralyzed from the waist down and want to sit in a hunting blind and get a kill just one more time this group will make it happen. Serve out doors also is big with the kids of these veterans they do a kid fish a few times a year and they also do a youth hunt taking needy children or children who have lost their dad, mom, grandma or grandpa while serving this country.  Not only will serve out doors give you the shirt off their back they will help you forget the things some of these veterans have been though and struggle with on a daily basis.  This bag will benefit the drivers of this organization as there is many times they are off in the woods way off a country road away from civilization this bag could help them save a life.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for considering these people to receive a bag.

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