About Us

Rory Antley Sheffield was born a firecracker.

He was walking by 9 months and never stopped once he got vertical.  He was the joy of his family and Daddy named him his “Little Warrior”.  He loved firetrucks and would watch numerous videos of them going out on calls.  One of his favorite videos built a firetruck from the tires up and he could name each part.

But he was more than that, he was my baby boy, he was my #4.  Rory was Momma’s boy but Daddy’s warrior.  He had so much love and life to give but tragedy took him too soon.

On August 17, 2016 our family, along with 3 other families, rented a home in Concan, Tx.  We had planned a fun, relaxing vacation with friends.  On Friday August 19th, after returning from the Frio River, everyone started getting ready for dinner.  Rory, slipped away and decided to go swimming.  Only he didn’t know how to swim and his lifejacket had been removed to dry.

Within minutes of my friend calling 911, a volunteer fireman heard the call and was just minutes away.

That man helped us continue the CPR that was started until the ambulance arrived 25 minutes later.

It wasn’t until about 45 minutes later that Rory had a heartbeat.  It was at that time that he was lifeflighted to Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. After days of praying the doctor’s announced him brain dead and his organs were donated in hopes that some other child’s family could have their miracle. That was August 23, 2016.

We could have done nothing after his death. Yet Rory was too special and God had bigger plans for him and for us. We want to save other families from our nightmare.

We want to support the Volunteer fire departments and first responders that Rory so loved.  So we started Rory the Warrior, Inc in honor of our little Warrior, Rory Antley Sheffield.


Sherry-Dawn Sheffield has been many things in her life but running Rory the Warrior is her passion.  She believes that God can make beauty from ashes and because of this Rory will never be forgotten.
Jason is and will always be a proud United States Marine (1997 – 2001). He now owns and operates Emeritus Builders. Rory might have been Momma’s boy but was also Daddy’s tough little warrior.